Saje's 'Safe Air' Room Spray Features All-Natural Essential Oils

 - Feb 3, 2017
References: saje
'Safe Air' is the name of an all-natural cleansing room spray from Saje Wellness that offers an effective alternative to synthetic air fresheners.

While many room-freshening products are designed to mask unpleasant scents, or use nerve-deadening chemicals to block the smell receptors in the nose, health-conscious consumers will feel assured that Safe Air's ingredient list contains just essential oils and water. Some of the key natural extracts that are included in the refreshing spray are uplifting lemon, which is highly cleansing and known to help relieve cold and flu symptoms, invigorating pine needle and antibacterial tea tree.

The fragrant room spray is formulated to remove stale air, all the while imparting a light scent to refresh and renew home environments.