From Ghee Cooking Sprays to Edible Cocktail Fragrances

 - Jun 28, 2017
These sprayable flavor innovations range from ghee cooking sprays to edible cocktail fragrances that aim to replace traditional bitters and garnishes with an all-in-one, and convenient solution. When it comes to spray-on flavor, this emerging product format is being embraced by both beverage industry and food brands.

Notable examples include spray-on barbecue sauces like Zach's Wing Sauce -- a sweet heat blend that allows for mess-free application, while simultaneously allowing foodies to control their sauce intake. Another favorite, Chosen Foods' avocado oil spray cans, are a great addition to salads, or ideal for cooking.

The handy packaging of spray-on food and beverage product products allows for on-the-go use and lets users be more in control of how much product they are using -- in turn avoiding wasted product, and saving them money in the long run.