Food Imagineering's Liquid Smoke Sprays Enhance Meat, Cheese and Fish

Although liquid smoke is commonly used for the purposes of flavoring food, it is often sold by the bottle in ready-to-pour packaging. Food Imagineering offers a convenient alternative to bottled liquid smoke products with its Original Australian Liquid Hickory Smokes range, which take the form of sprays.

The collection of natural hickory smoke flavors produced by Food Imagineering includes Apple, Natural Hickory, Black Cherry and Maple, each of which can be lightly spritzed over meat, fish or cheese before serving to enhance the flavors of a dish.

Across the food industry, consumers are taking to the use of spray-on seasonings, spices and even sauces as a novel way to add a light burst of flavor to their meals in an virtually effortless and mess-free manner.