- Aug 24, 2018
A delicious pasta sauce can go a long way in contributing to an ultra-tasty dish. From the aesthetic of the packaging to the ingredients of the product, companies are focusing on gourmet experiences that push forward innovation in all directions. For example, Italian brand Monache Rosse aims to shift the perception of convenient jar, adding a strong component of sophistication with elegant design-forward packaging.

Other companies focus on the flavor. Gryllies is a delicious pasta sauce that embraces experimental taste and nutritious value through the integration of cricket powder as a source of protein. Preservation & Co., on the other hand, has created a recipe that infuses the traditional marinara sauce with a tangy bloody mary.

Whether the emphasis is put on flavor or on packaging, these delicious pasta sauces definitely have an edge over traditional offerings.

From Future-Ready Protein-Rich Tomato Sauces to Free-From Pasta Sauces: