The Sacla Pesto Pots are Portioned for Quick Consumption

 - Jun 12, 2017
References: easymixers & packagingoftheworld
Preparing the perfect amount of pasta and sauce can be tricky, so the Sacla Pesto Pots aim to make taking care of the latter part of the equation a little easier. Portioned into 45 gram pots, the pesto sauces are intended to be utilized in order to have the ideal amount of ingredients on hand when preparing a meal.

Convenience continues to be a key element that many consumers are looking for when it comes to food and packaging. The new Sacla Pesto Pots make it possible to create a meal with less waste that won't result in too many leftovers to deal with. The sauce pots come in three flavor options including Sun-Dried Tomato, Classic Basil and Fiery Chilli Pesto.