'Homepride Kids' Introduces Chinese, Italian and Indian Sauces

After working with Robot Food on the design of its All American range, Homepride sought out the creative agency again to create a distinctive look for 'Homepride Kids.'

Homepride Kids introduces a range of kid-friendly cooking and pasta sauces that take inspiration from around the world. The varieties from Homepride Kids include: Creamy Indian Korma, Classic Bolognese, Caribbean Mango Curry and Chinese Sweet & Sour.

Although these flavors might seem adventurous and exotic, they were specifically crafted to "reassure parents and excite fussy young palettes." This collection of four sauces specifically targets Millennial parents and their kids in the range of four to seven years of age with developing taste buds and hard-to-please palates. To catch the eyes of busy parents, the sauce packaging was designed to quickly communicate important information, such as the fact that the sauces are rich with vegetables and contain no added salt, sugar or artificial ingredients.