At Mace, Craft Cocktail Drinks are Misted to Add Gentle Flavors

Mace is New York City bar that specializes in serving creative craft cocktails.

Mace, its namesake drink, is an aromatic cocktail that's prepared with dill seed-infused Snow Leopard Vodka, Aperol, freshly pressed beet juice, orange acid and coconut syrup. To top off the unique beverage, bartenders lightly spritz the Mace cocktail with owner Nico de Soto’s own Mace Mist to add light notes of nutmeg and pepper.

Although the influence of foodie culture created an intense focus on flavors and ingredients these past few years, the beverage industry in particular is now looking to scent as a means of creating highly immersive experiences. Smell is often recognized as one of the most powerful senses to tap into, as it is processed by the same parts of the brain that handle the formation of emotions and memory.