Ponix Systems Designed a Functional and Decorative Hydroponic System

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: ponix-systems.at & kickstarter
With the goal of changing how food is produced by bringing that process into the home, Ponix Systems has created the Herbert -- an indoor garden that aids in this process.

The hydroponic vertical farm is able to hang up on walls much like a painting would, and is able to grow fresh herbs and produce for those who use it. With LED lights and its hydroponic system, the Herbert is highly functional and ensures that homeowners "can harvest up to 40% more." However, its functionality does not mar the product's appearance, as it has an artistic aesthetic that is customized based on what the homeowner chooses to grow.

Ponix Systems' Herbert is ideal for people who have a green thumb, particularly those who live in climates with harsh winters where outdoor gardening is rendered impossible.