Bloom Farms is a Medical Marijuana Provider Offering Specific Strains

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: packagingoftheworld & getbloomfarms
Blood Farms is based in Oakland, California and offers a collection of pre-rolled joints in packaging that was made to highlight their medicinal qualities and purity.

There are three different cannabis strains represented in the collection. The first is the 'Grandaddy Purple,' which is fragrant and used to relieving muscle tension and for aiding in sleep. The second in the collection is the 'OG Kush,' a strain with woody and lemony scents that is used to increase focus and maintain energy. The final is the 'Jack Herer,' which provides energy and an "enhanced state of well-being."

All of the products are packed in small rectangular boxes with minimal decorations and labeling, solidifying their position as a medicinal collection rather than a recreational one.