The 'H.O.M.E' Health Measurement Device Tracks Multiple Metrics

 - Feb 6, 2017
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
The 'H.O.M.E' is a health measurement device that aims to make it possible for users to pinpoint problems before they develop into an issue to stay as healthy as they can. The 'H.O.M.E' -- standing for Hands On Monitoring Equipment -- is capable of capturing a number of different health metrics. This includes tracking blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen content, ECG, respiratory rate, hemoglobin content and even body temperature.

The 'H.O.M.E' health measurement device takes an upstream approach to healthcare in order to detect issues early in order to get users treated as soon as possible. This can eliminate small problems from developing into bigger ones, while also enabling users to avoid going to the doctor unless they do indeed need to see them for treatment.