- Mar 26, 2017
The most popular March 2017 wellness ideas are all about helping people to find small ways that they can improve their health and vitality through food, household products, physical and spiritual practices, as well as other natural solutions.

For the home, some of the best new devices for health include lighting systems like Ketra that offer different types of illumination depending on the time of day, as well as the CLAIR-S, which aims to improve one's quality of sleep through sound and air purification.

Health-conscious consumers are also flocking to events such as Star Night Healing, which takes place in a Japanese planetarium that is fragranced with de-stressing essential oil scents and meditation classes that are specifically geared towards the young, ultra-connected digital natives of Generation Z who are also seeking stress relief.

From In-Store Apothecary Bars to Gen Z Meditation Programs: