Farmer's Fridge Offers Tofu as a Ready-to-Eat Protein Snack in a Jar

 - Feb 11, 2017
References: farmers-fridge.myshopify
Tofu is one of the first plant-based proteins that new vegetarians turn to when they are transitioning diets, but the way that it is sold usually leads it to be prepared with meals rather than served as a tofu snack.

As an alternative to blocks of tofu that are sold in water, Farmer's Fridge sells its Premium Tofu in a jar. For flavor, the tofu snacks are marinated in gluten-free soy sauce, pepper and various spices.

BPA-free, recyclable plastic jars are the packaging system of choice for the majority of Farmer's Fridge products, which also includes high-protein salads, trail mix, as well as yogurt and berries. For meat eaters, Farmer's Fridge also offers pre-seasoned Chicken Protein in a small single-serve jar format as well.