BrainCheck Lets Patients Send Accurate Data to Doctors from Their Homes

 - Feb 3, 2017
References: techrepublic & braincheck
BrainCheck is a medical application that turns cognitive health assessments into fun games that patients will have no reservations about using. The system, which is backed up by research from neuroscience, provides doctors with accurate medical data about patients' cognitive health without the patient having to go into the office or hospital, thus lightening the burden on the healthcare system as a whole.

BrainCheck consists of several different test, each of which lasts about five minutes. The tests are all adaptations of pencil-and-paper tests used in doctors' offices for years to measure things like reaction time, attention, visual processing, or memory. As such, they provide objective, standardized, and actionable data for physicians.

Beyond general cognitive health, BrainCheck has a test specifically for testing concussions — an important tool for the world of sports.