The 'Hypersuit' Puts People in Position to Experience a VR Flight

 - Feb 4, 2017
References: the-ory & digitalbuzzblog
There are some incredible experiences that can be created with virtual reality technology, and the Hypersuit aims to make these simulations even more immersive.

No matter how realistic a flying simulator is made to be, a person who is wearing a VR headset will be limited to the range of motion that they can made with their head if they are meant to experience "flight" while sitting in a chair in reality. The Hypersuit is not a "suit" in the traditional sense, but takes the form of a full-body apparatus that sets people up in a much more realistic position for flying and gives them full motion control over their limbs.

This kind of equipment to support emerging virtual reality technology will become incredibly important for creating believable worlds that people won't want to come out of.