Outfits by Cladwell Reclaims Time Lost to Choosing Clothing

 - Mar 22, 2017
References: itunes.apple & cladwell
Productivity apps come in a variety of forms, as proved by Outfits by Cladwell. Outfits is meant to help women get more out of their days by cutting down the amount of time they spend choosing their clothes. The app works with a digital closet, which users fill with clothing that looks similar to what they own. This cuts out the need to photograph every item of clothing in a person's closet, a task which may be monumental for some shopaholics.

Once the digital closet is organized, the app begins offering styling suggestions based on the weather and what you have worn recently. Over time, Outfits by Cladwell will be able to suggest which clothing you should donate and which pieces are your go-tos, for those times when you have trouble making up your mind.