- Apr 30, 2017
Gaming might still seem like a young industry, but the April 2017 gaming trends show that the field of video games has already reached the point of referential nostalgia. Though video games have only really existed commercially since the late 70s at the earliest, that nonetheless means that millions of adults grew up with video games throughout their childhoods. Many of the April 2017 gaming trends reflect those games of past decades.

Some nostalgic gaming systems this month feature updates on classics. Alan Pan's Zelda home automation system, for example, uses a Raspberry Pi computer to make the legendary N64 game more versatile and interactive by adding several different controller interfaces.

Some gaming nostalgia goes beyond actual video games themselves. A Washington, DC, bar turned into a Super Mario-themed pop-up to celebrate both the game and cherry blossom season in the American capital.

From Music-Mixing Games to Ping Pong Office Apps: