The Enavo 'Heatbuff' will Warm Hands of Avid Computer Users

 - Mar 17, 2017
References: envavo & newatlas
Those who spend ample time on a computer that want to keep their digits toasty warm will be interested to hear of the Enavo 'Heatbuff' to warm hands that suffer from poor circulation or arthritis.

The Enavo 'Heatbuff' works by being placed behind a keyboard in order to keep hands feeling warmer and more nimble when they're parked in front of a keyboard all day long.

The Enavo 'Heatbuff' can come in handy for programmers or gamers who want to ensure warm hands during PC use, but they're also great for artists, those with arthritis and others with poor circulation. As more people maintain professions that are PC-centric, the market for products like the Enavo 'Heatbuff' hand warmer will likely continue to increase.