The 'Hushme' Voice Mask Allows for Private Calls in Open Spaces

 - Mar 13, 2017
References: gethushme & dudeiwantthat
Those who work in open-concept offices or who simply want to take private calls in public will find the design of the 'Hushme' voice mask to be ideal for preventing nearby people from hearing their interaction.

The 'Hushme' voice mask works by being placed around the back of the neck and over the mouth and chin of the wearer. When activated, the 'Hushme' instantly goes to work to mask your voice and allow you to take private calls in public without having to worry that someone will overhear what you're talking about.

The 'Hushme' voice mask is designed with in-ear headphones to enable users to take calls wirelessly from their device. The 'Hushme' works to suppress your voice and can also be set to play sounds to further mask your personal calls.