The 'IDOID' Idea Bank Helps You to Store Both Thoughts and Money

 - Mar 22, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'IDOID' idea bank is a modern piggy bank that acts as a way to save both money and ideas using the bank itself as well as an accompanying app.

The 'IDOID' works by having users record their thoughts, ideas and inspirations through the app when they come about throughout the day. When you do so, the 'IDOID' will blink to let you know to put coins in the bank in order to save money for a lunch or perhaps something more extravagant.

The 'IDOID' idea bank works to help incite creativity by relaying your ideas and thoughts back to you when you shake the piggy bank. This acts as a way to acknowledge the money you've saved as well as the many great ideas you've had recently.