From Hackable Toy Kits to Interactive AR Projectors

 - Oct 30, 2016
In the top October 2016 toy ideas, childhood pastimes like hide-and-seek, blowing bubbles and playing arcade games are reinvented in a variety of new forms with help from technology. Some of the most high-tech toys for kids include ones that are "hackable," modular robots and wearable attachments.

One major pattern in these toy ideas is the use of familiar figures and franchises from pop culture as a means of introducing STEM concepts to kids. This is exemplified by the Star Wars-themed Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab from Uncle Milton, as well as the Finding Dory Bubble Science Kit from Wonder Forge.

Kits remain ever-popular, allowing kids to make everything from their own drones to crystals at home. As well as providing entertainment, these kinds of science-themed kits are filled with educational lessons.