This Cute Kids' Luggage Serves a Second Function as a Plaything

 - Sep 5, 2016
References: & yankodesign
The creator of this piece of kids' luggage recognizes that this sort of object offers a pretty clever design opportunity. On the most basic level, this product needed the capacity to carry a range of children's possessions––from toys and books to clothes and snacks––but it could accomplish this by integrating play too.

Jaeyong Lee's Bontoy Traveller wheeled suitcase has a rounded rectangular body, complete with a dog's head and a tiny tail. It didn't take much to make this trunk the likeness of a canine, yet those design decisions have given it significant charm, character and the undeniable quality of cuteness. Some models are even speckled with dalmatian spots.

This adorable example of kids' luggage shows how a little bit of puppy lug' can turn a pretty ordinary object into one that evokes a sense of fun.