From Hand Print-Scanning ATMs to Streamlined Home Equity Services

 - Oct 30, 2016
Throughout this compilation of October 2016 finance ideas, it's shown that an increasing number of companies are looking to simplify services. In doing so, goals of improving customer service are made easier, levels of interaction go up and payments are more likely to be made in a timely manner.

With Facebook Messenger's 'Chat Assist' feature, users can have reminders sent to them so that they don't forget to pay back a friend or family member. It works by picking out words that have been sent previously, then the feature emboldens them so that they're made more noticeable and even schedules a later time to remind the user to have the money sent.

On the other hand, 'CollegeBacker' helps generous parents fund their child's education by planning contributions to their 529 accounts. Other examples taking similar steps can be found in this grouping of October 2016 finance ideas as well, most of which aim to make daunting money matters a little less painful.