These Safes are Able to Offer Excellent Security and a Sophisticated Design

 - Sep 19, 2016
References: casorojewelrysafes
These luxury safes were designed to be both highly functional and add a touch of elegance to the spaces they sit in.

Called 'Kairos' the safes come in three different sizes -- the K2 which is in the shape of a tall locker and weighs 880 pounds, the Denali which is medium sized and weighs 560 pounds and the Eiger -- the smallest of the three that weighs 400 pounds. The hefty weights of the luxury safes ensure that in case of a robbery, they cannot be transported by the thieves. The safes open up to reveal ample space for watches, jewelry, passports, money, guns and other items that may be necessary to keep locked up.

These luxury safes are designed with a luxurious interior that is able to prevent theft and maintain the peace of mind of homeowners who have important valuables.