- Dec 24, 2016
Whether it is a customized purse or a bag infused with technology for various purposes, these creative handbags would be perfect for people who enjoy fashion.

Despite its long name, the 'Cinnamon Cocoon Jumbo Carry-All' was actually designed to simplify the life of those who use it. The high quality, oversized tote bag makes it ideal as a casual weekend bag. The weekender bag would be great for women who tend to frequently take short trips for business.

While the 'Issara Leather Goods' backpack is not a purse, it is extremely fashionable and highly functional as well. The leather bag comes in various neutral colors and features smart tracking technology that ensures the safety of the user's belongings. This is another product that would be ideal for travelers, making for an excellent carry-on bag that keeps passports and cash extra safe.

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