The Handbag Raincoat Can Help Keep Any Purse Dry

Protect your bag from the next torrential downpour with the new Handbag Raincoat purse covers. The handy protective covers were designed by Morgan Sarner after she found herself using a coat or a newspaper to protect her bag when she was caught in the rain. Tired of the wear and tear inflicted on her beloved bags, Sarner decided to develop a solution that would protect every woman's handbag from the rain.

The Handbag Raincoat come in three sizes to protect any purse with a simple cover that slips over the bag. The purse covers are available in clear, black and an adorable raindrop-print. They are also affordable with prices ranging from $25 for the smallest size, up to $30 for the largest size.

With this clever invention, women everywhere can keep their bags safe all year long.