The Ladybag Charges Your Devices and Keeps You Warm in Any Weather

 - Aug 4, 2014
References: indiegogo
Purses are already pretty useful for carrying around everything you could possibly need in any given situation, but the Ladybag is even more useful than the average purse. As well as being able to top up your devices with a charge on the go, the bag also serves as a handy heater to keep you warm all year round.

The Ladybag features a large heated pad on the side, so that the panel doesn't warm up the contents of the bag any. With this feature, it's easy to zip open the handbag while you're sitting at a bus stop and shivering. If you don't have anything breakable inside your bag, it's also possible to unfold the pocket completely and sit on the purse's heating pad for extra warmth. But for daily use in the fall and winter, the heated handles will be extremely handy.