- Aug 29, 2015
These creative clutch purses are the perfect addition to any outfit. Unlike bulky handbags, clutches provide a sleek and subtle way to carry your valuables. Whether you're looking for something bold or a more understated accessory, these creative clutches offer a chic solution.

Because they are on the smaller side, clutches are a great way to add a little bit of creativity to an outfit. There are clutches featuring bold pop culture designs or whimsical hand-held purses made from unexpected materials. Some of these creative clutch designs include pizza-shaped purses, vintage cereal box bags and even seashell-inspired accessories.

While it can be fun to experiment with color and design, there are a number of more basic clutch purses available. For example, there are structural wooden purses that feature a sleek wood grain exterior. There are also chic origami bags that add a touch of modern elegance to any outfit.

From Triangular Post-Modern Purses to Sugary Sequin Accessories: