This Charlotte Olympia Clutch Comes with Three Pretty Inserts

This see-through Charlotte Olympia clutch is ideal for ladies who love shoes and who constantly want to change up their accessories.

This stunning and chic purse can be customized to look different every day since it comes with three clutches that fit perfectly within the glass. While each mini bag says something different and are a different color, they are revolve around an obsession for shoes. For example, the white insert reads, "I love shoes" with a web to symbolize love. The jet black one which is perfect for an elegant soiree reads, "The higher the heel, the better you feel!" which is definitely true for high heel enthusiasts. Finally, the rustic beige insert has the words, "There's no business like shoe business!" written in a beautiful cursive font.

To tie together the shoe theme, the clasp of the Charlotte Olympia clutch is a little golden shoe.