These Coin Purses are Shaped like Cat Faces

 - May 7, 2014
References: etsy & etsy
If you're an avid cat lover, these adorable coin purses shaped like feline faces would be a great place to stash all your change.

Etsy shop owner 'Trelabela' designed these stylish feline purses as an environmentally friendly fashion accessory. Each coin purse is made using 100% black vegan leather, and is shaped just like a cat's face with two captivating, pointed ears. In the place where the cat's mouth would normally be is an elegant gold zipper. While these coin purses are smaller than the average wallet, they're ideal for holding small knickknacks, change and a few dollar bills.

Not only will this cute cat purse let everyone know what your favorite animal is, it'll keep all your change in one convenient place and your bag clutter-free.