This Andres Gallardo True Love Bag is the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Andres Gallardo's True Love bag is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the fashionista in your life. If your significant other has an appreciation for luxe and elegant accessories, this bag is a great way to show her you care.

Make February 14th extra special with a multi-functional clutch that she'll be able to wear with a casual weekend look or an evening ensemble. The carryall is made out of quality leather and is displayed in a romantic, pale pink hue. This luxe Valentine's Day gift is priced at a 469 euro rate but is worth it, thanks to its quality craftsmanship.

The accessory is accented with sculptural letters that spell out the phrase "true love". The text used on this statement clutch is made from hand-carved porcelain, authentic to the Andres Gallardo brand. The designer's accessories are all accented with the material that is manufactured in Spain.