- Jan 13, 2016
Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with friends, loved ones or alone, Valentine's Day attire is a definite must for the sentimental day. From kitschy jewelry to anti-romance tees, these pieces of apparel are for every kind of Valentine's Day celebrator.

Jewelry and Valentine's Day go hand-in-hand and while the note-holding heart locket is the perfect piece to wear on a date, Shop Jeen's 'Best B*tches' necklace makes an ideal piece for a day with your best friend. When it comes to clutches, Andres Gallardo's 'True Love' bag will elegantly complete any date night look, while the Pixie Market 'Heart' clutch is eccentric and festive.

Moreover, those who find themselves over the holiday of love will find solace in the bitter 'No Sweetheart' t-Shirt, as well as the cynical 'Vodka Is My Valentine' tank.

From Bitter Valentine Tees to Romantic LEGO Necklaces: