From Cheeseburger Hair Bows to Charming Citrus Jewelry

 - Jan 19, 2016
While food is certainly a glorified product in today's society, it has also become a fashion statement that is the inspiration behind these culinary couture accessories. Brands are not only idolizing food, but are paying tribute to consumer favorites by immortalizing them in the form of jewelry, handbags and wearable fashions.

Many accessories already exist that honor delicious meals such as miniature mac and cheese rings and gilded pizza necklaces. In addition to these jewelry pieces, there are also purses designed to look like over-sized bags of M&M's candy or handheld clutches shaped like a bowl of poutine.

Additionally, these culinary couture accessories don't stop there -- there are hair ties shaped like cheeseburgers, sushi-styled socks and even cupcake-inspired stilettos. It's clear that society has a slight obsession with fashionable foods and these quirky accessories are sure to add a mouthwatering accent to any outfit.