The McDCouture Line Features 20 Dresses Made from McDonald's Wrappers

 - Nov 11, 2015
References: & eater
This stunning collection of french fry fashions, which is appropriately titled 'McDCouture,' was recently unveiled during a runway fashion show. The dress collection is made entirely from McDonald's sandwich wrappers, french fry boxes and paper cups.

The McDCouture collection was created by fashion students at the Miami International University of Art. The highlight of this fashion show was the show-stopping wedding gown made from over 900 white and yellow McDonald's wrappers. This dress was designed by Ricardo Hardouin. It featured a flowing train made from over 900 white wrappers and an elegant red cinch belt made from french fry boxes.

The mouthwatering runway show gave McDonald's great exposure to a unique audience. While these tasty fashions won't be available for purchase, they will be on display at the Miami University of Art and Design. The entire collection used more than 4,600 McDonald's sandwich wrappers, 1,770 fry boxes and 100 McFlurry cups.