From Active Beauty Collections to Music Festival Rideshare Apps

 - Nov 25, 2016
These Nouveau Millennial innovations range from music festival rideshares to makeup lines that target active consumers. Consisting of college students and recent grads, this demographic is dedicated to social and environmental causes and chooses experiences over material objects. Additionally, Millennials' hectic lifestyles make them seek convenience in every aspect of their life -- whether investing in grocery deliveries and pre-made meal kits or curated lifestyle subscriptions.

Some peak experiences appealing to this group include concert merchandise pop-ups and beachside donut shops that fuse Instagrammable branding with affordable menu items. While concert merchandise is nothing new, its recent resurgence falls in line with Nouveau Millennials' desire for accessible luxury and exclusivity. Fashion brands aren't the only ones taking notice as major fast food companies are following suit -- from a Big Mac-themed clothing range to a Taco Bell pop-up that serves up menu-themed apparel and accessories.

Responding well to authentic and interactive marketing techniques, Nouveau Millennials are also driving online businesses to create brick and mortar pop-ups and brand activations along with sponsored social media filters. A standout, Starbucks is appealing to the group with in-app Snapchat filters that are customizable while doubling as a clever promotional tool.