This Culture Club Project Showcases Instagram Photos in an Art Gallery

For most people, the idea of having one's art appear in a museum alongside the works of famous artists like Francis Bacon, Marina Abramovic and Andy Warhol seems completely far-fetched, but Culture Club is making the idea completely possible.

Culture Club is an art-focused TV program that's teaming up with the world-famous contemporary art museum 'S.M.A.K.' to offer an interactive screen that will showcase Instagram photos that are tagged with #cultureclubinsmak. This concept is reflective of a thought from Andy Warhol that states: "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

For those who are unable to see the interactive screen in person at S.M.A.K., there is an online tool from Culture Club that recounts which art pieces from Instagram have been shown inside the gallery space in Ghent, Belgium.