Samsung's 'LANdry' Cleaning Laundromat Appeals to Teens

It's not uncommon to find TVs, arcade machines and lounge areas in some high-end cleaning laundromat locations around the world, but Samsung's 'LANdry' takes on-site entertainment to the next level.

LANdry was devised to motivate young teens to do their own laundry and at the same time, promote the easy-to-use features of the Galaxy S7 and the AddWash washing machine. As a reward for doing their dirty laundry at this unique spot, teens are treated to time playing Internet games while they wait for a load to be cleaned.

Despite the growth of eSports gamings continues to grow, is often criticized for its lack of tangible benefits. The incentivized experience offered at LANdry: The eSport Laundromat ensures that gameplay is productive and the task of doing chores is both engaging and enjoyable.