From Smart Cricket Bats to Live VR Football Highlights

 - Jun 2, 2017
In recent months, there have been a series of innovations in sports entertainment that will change how we consume sports.

Technological advances have our society changing at a rapid pace. One area that hasn't seen much change in how it is used by society has been sports entertainment. Since the mass introduction of television, sports have largely been consumed in the same ways; either in the stadium or at home. With the integration of virtual reality into sports entertainment, how people consume sports entertainment will be totally disrupted. With virtual reality, fans will be able to buy a virtual ticket and see their favorite sports team courtside. Initial stages of this can be seen with the Air Canada Centre's VR hockey experience. Fans are able to join experiences like riding the Zamboni or the post-game media scrum. The International Cricket Council recently announced the addition of smart bats, drones and VR experiences into tournaments.

These innovations in sports entertainment are disrupting the world of sports consumption and allowing for new social entertainment pathways.