David Ortiz and the JerkyBot Advertise for Chef's Cut Jerky

 - Sep 23, 2016
References: chefscutrealjerky & readwrite
David Ortiz is likely the greatest designated hitter in the history of Major League Baseball, but, when it comes to advertising for beef jerky, the Red Sox's living legend gets outshone by JerkyBot. As part of an ad campaign for Chef's Cut Jerky, the Thinkmodo team created the JerkyBot drone: a flying snack tray.

The viral video for Chef's Cut features Big Papi explaining his love of beef jerky and the convenience of the JerkyBot, with the creator behind the drone giving a high level overview of how it works. And, of course, the video is full of (tongue in cheek) shots of the World Series champ snacking with the JerkyBot while he carries out household chores.

Though the jerky drone may look like CGI, Thinkmodo avers that it actually developed working prototypes of the JerkyBot just for this campaign.