This Collection from 'Murals Wallpaper' Depicts Popular Digital Symbols

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: muralswallpaper
'Murals Wallpaper,' a UK-based company, created its 'Emoji Wallpaper Collection' in order to allow its consumers to infuse a playful decorative component in their homes.

The designs are themed around specific activities and personality traits, with the company offering variations of wallpaper that depict food emojis, as well as more masculine and feminine traits. In addition to this, Murals Wallpaper includes an 'Assorted Emoji' design that shows expressive digital symbols of all kinds, with everything from an avocado to an octopus printed on the paper.

The background of the murals is open to customization, with light hues of blue, green and gray all available so that consumers can better complement their spaces. Other bespoke murals offered from the company include sports-themed artwork, worldly maps and more traditional floral designs and pastel nursery wallpaper.