From Granular Fantasy Cartography to Musical World Maps

 - Dec 25, 2016
For some people, poster gifts can be the perfect holiday present. With a new year around the corner, the holidays can be a time of flux for many people -- many students are graduating, and the new year is when they move into a new apartment, for example. Decorating is a key aspect of making a new place feel like home or making an old place feel new again, and poster gifts are a great way to help with that task.

Posters are a window into someone's interests and personality, so getting accurate poster gifts shows how well a gift giver knows the recipient. For some, posters are solely for indicating fandom. There are several different posters for the 'Harry Potter' franchise, for example. Other posters indicate different interests, such as Dorothy's 'World Song Map,' which shows off a passion for both music and geography.