The 'Tropicalia Wonder Vision' Reveals Images Using Body Heat

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: martinsati &
Designer Martin Sati collaborated with FedrigoniClub and Agorient to create the 'Tropicalia Wonder Vision' poster, which reacts to body heat. The black piece of paper will begin changing colors and shapes when it is introduced to warmth.

In order to reveal the image beneath the black surface, people are able to physically touch the poster and use the warmth of their hands to remove the black mask. Below the mask, there is a psychedelic portrait of a male face.

The Tropicalia Wonder Vision uses "thermographie dispositive" to react only with heightened body heat. This digitally created poster is an illusion that allows its audience to interact and participate in the experiential design. This creative project will only reveal the portion of the poster that is touched by the heat, which actually allows the poster holder to create shapes and prints before revealing the whole image.