From Axe-Wielding Camera Bags to Limb-Like Selfie Sticks

 - Jan 16, 2016
The top 2015 photography trends reveal an increasing focus on armature photography. In recent years, the rise of smartphones and digital cameras has made it easier than ever for the average consumer to explore the art of photography. As a result, many brands are capitalizing on this interest by designing user-friendly cameras and photo-taking accessories.

As smartphone cameras become increasingly powerful, consumers are able to capture breathtaking shots with just the click of a button. In turn, there are a number of accessories designed to enhance the features already built into the average camera. Some of these add-ons include smartphone flash attachments, lens-enhancing cases and floating camera mounts.

For consumers who still prefer to use a physical camera, there are a number of devices designed to make photography more user-friendly. These products can range from simple devices such as durable camera straps to more complex tools such as autonomous photography drones.

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