The Stesco Mount Aligns Two Smartphones for Unique Depth Perception Pictures

 - Mar 5, 2015
References: stesco & yankodesign
Beyond your initial assumptions, there are multiple uses for this innovative double selfie stick. On the most basic level, this photography accessory enables a couple of people to take selfies with both of their smartphones simultaneously; however, there is actually more to the contraption than this duplicated dose of vanity––not that I wouldn't be guilty of it too.

Made by Moebius Industries Ltd., the Stesco Selfie-Stick comprises a case with a pair of sockets that accommodate the mirrored insertion of a pair of mobile phones. Slight inward angles to their placement have the potential to create focused views of the scenes before it, if both captures are then combined. What this does is record depth, much like the way that human eyes see it. This double selfie stick can record pictures and videos in this way for unique souvenirs while traveling, exploring or spectating events.