These Plates are Designed to Improve Food Pics on Instagram

Most of us have been guilty of taking a food pic for Instagram at one point or another. However embarrassing, sometimes a meal just looks too good not to share on social media. Unfortunately, the dim mood lighting of most four star restaurants isn't exactly conducive to taking an Instagram-worthy photo. So what's a foodie to do?

Enter the Limbo, a curved plate that's designed as a natural lightbox, reflecting light back onto the dish served upon it. The curved backbone of the Limbo, which comes in either white or black, also acts as a backdrop for the meal, instantly transforming a a typical "food pic" into a professional-looking photo. The Limbo is joined by another plate, referred to as the '360.' Like its name suggests, the plate spins 360-degrees on a Lazy Susan-like contraption, which also comes with a makeshift tripod to hold a smartphone. Both plates were designed to promote FOODOGRAPHY, a series of branded dining events by Carmel Wineries.

Though these plates are not being manufactured for the general public, they are a nod to the ways in which social media is being elevated to an art form.