From Connected Cooking Utensils to Social Media Cookbooks

 - Dec 25, 2015
It's often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and these gifts for chefs will permit creative cooks to keep spreading the love. These gift ideas for cooks range from clever time-saving tools to revolutionary appliances and unconventional cookbooks.

For those who are in need of fresh inspiration on what to make, there are plenty of themed cookbooks with recipes centered around pregnancy, social media and pizza. Chefs who adore pop culture just as much as food will appreciate receiving a book filled with recipes inspired by shows like Bob's Burgers and Modern Family.

For the multitasking chef who likes to make the most of his or her time spent in the kitchen, there are tools like the Master Pan that make it possible to cook an entire breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes and hashbrowns in neatly segmented trays.