The Heat Map Microwave Visualizes the Cooking Process

 - Feb 13, 2015
References: bettermicrowave & gizmag
The Heat Map Microwave is an invention that aims to abolish the long-standing problem of microwaves either warming up food unevenly or over-nuking their contents. For all of their convenience, microwaves are undeniably far from perfect. However, NASA engineer-turned-inventor has converted the humble kitchen appliance into a truly marvelous high-tech device. His take on the microwave provides a thermal vision display of your food, so you know when it's cooked.

The microwave's ceiling is implanted with an infrared lens that streams a thermal, birds-eye view of your food onto a display situated where the window normally is. As food warms up, it goes from blue to red to white when it's time to pull out. What's neat about the Heat Map Microwave is that it can be programmed to switch off automatically when it reaches this point.

The display can even be streamed to a mobile device via Bluetooth or WiFi, making it possible for you to monitor the cooking process remotely.