- Mar 18, 2015
These food carrier innovations range from compact and practical lunch boxes to compartmentalized snack containers that are perfect for school or work. In addition to lunch boxes and meal containers, these examples also include portable packaging that is created to be collapsible or biodegradable in its design.

Inspiring one to make their lunch at home, these food carrier products keep your meal or snacks organized and encourage one to get creative rather than spending money on store-bought meals.

Standouts from this list include consciously preserved baby food containers that are perfect for on-the-go parents along with clever fast food carriers that fit a handful of fries while leaving a separate space for dipping sauce or ketchup. Other favorites from this list include miniature veggie pouches, portable yogurt packages and even lunch bags that are equipped with a self-heating feature.

From Self-Heating Lunch Boxes to Compartmentalized Food Containers: