Sustainable Expanding Bowl Grows and Opens When Water's Poured Into It

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: innventia & thedieline
The improvement of product wrappers has the potential to greatly reduce the amount of wasted material and energy that goes into storing and shipping edible items. The Sustainable Expanding Bowl is a brilliant idea that demonstrates an interest in doing much better in both of those categories to satisfy consumers, producers and the planet.

Tomorrow Machine's Hanna Billqvist and Anna Glansén worked with Innventia to construct a container from cellulose-based material that's 100% biodegradable. The thin paper composite retracts from a deep dish into a compressed box, made possible by intricate folding. This is more efficient for packing and transporting. The Sustainable Expanding Bowl would be sold to the public with a freeze-dried meal inside, and the simple act of pouring boiled water into the top would be enough to transform it into a convenient takeout-style carton.