The Thanko Hot Box Keeps Your Meals Toasty

 - Jan 21, 2009
So, what are you eating for lunch? Surely you want to have your food served warm. It doesn’t matter whether you just have a sandwich or some rice topping. What matters is that you want a warm meal.

Well, now that the Thanko USB powered lunchbox is here, that's possible as long as you have a computer. Office workers and students will be able to plug the USB cable in and let their meals heat up as they work.

This gadget from Thanko Japan is called the 'Hot Box' and is a sure way to maintain the freshness of any delicacy you carry to work. It will keep your food warm at 140°F until you’re ready for break time.

To make the lunch appeal to Americans and Asians, this gadget matches the tepid interior of a standard brown bag.