From Spaghetti-Measuring Implements to Spherical Spoon Holders

 - Jul 29, 2012
Despite its simplistic process, making a delicious plate of spaghetti could not get any easier with these pasta serving gadgets. Everything from measuring the perfect portion to unloading the saucy pot is simpler with a clever-designed tool for getting the job done.

One of the biggest challenges faced by budding chefs is figuring out how much pasta is enough for a healthy serving. Measuring tools allow home cooks to get the right portions and vary it based on how much each individual eats. Another problem often encountered when cooking pasta is the inevitable draining process. Struggling with a heavy pot and avoiding getting a face full of steam is a nuisance nonetheless. Modified colanders allow cooks to strain without losing their noodles down the drain.

Whether you like delicate angel hair or a hearty pappardelle, master this Italian staple with these pasta serving gadgets.